"No one asked me if I thought the alligator was a good idea."
"Songs that were fast, loud, and featured someone screaming, preferably in a language he didn’t understand."
"Carol decided the maniac pounding on her door deserved the kill. The life of a door-to-door murderer, she figured, couldn't be easy."
"'Were you a vet or something before?' said Claire. 'You sound like you're talking to a dog.'"
"Before each lesson, Willard liked to treat himself to a moment of hateful anticipation."
"Chris was contemplating this question, wrist-deep in meat, when the doorbell rang."
"My sister dug the Jack Kavorkian types, spry mummies holding otoscopes to the ears of the world’s Tommys and Tracys with spotted hands."
“As two sheets of 8.5 by 11 printer paper, her vague, theoretical predicament was now upsettingly real.”
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Dog Jail